What Do We Do?

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Invitations give your audience a glimpse at the kind of event they can expect. Your child's 1st birthday, Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, fundraising events in support of your favorite charity. Let us help you make a stellar first impression. 


Afraid Aunt Jane will run to the restroom during your nuptials? Or your attendees will be chowing down, missing their opportunity to bid on a once in a lifetime trip? Programs keep your guests informed of the night's events. Let us help you set the pace. 


We all know that certain images come to mind when we think of various products or businesses. Don't let your business or event go unnoticed or unassociated. Let us help you stand out and resonate. 

That's Not All...

We Also Offer:

Social Media

Whether you need to know how to Like pages as your business, or are desperate for someone to 'Facebook' for you, we're happy to guide or create. Let us help you increase and optimize your social media presence.

Paper Crafts

Wouldn't be prudent to name ourselves Paper Heart Design Co. and not have a passion for making paper crafts. Any crafts, really. Let us create that special, personalized gift for you.

Website Building Through WordPress

Everyone 'Googles' to find everything. Wouldn't it be great if they found your business? Let us increase your web presence.


We at Paper Heart Design Co. have a variety of skills in one, currently, organized basket. If you don't see your project listed, email us! Chances are we are fantastic at it. Let us help you.

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